Monday, March 7, 2011

Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe Opens Art Month at Bohol Cultural Center

The Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe, which had originally been formed to provide the cast for the living museum in the village set of the John Sayles movie "Amigo," opened the Art Month February 7, 2011 at the Bohol Cultural Center in Tagbilaran City with a Fashion Show Tableau of 1900s costumes right after a soiree on the making of the film "Amigo" with John Sayles and producer Maggie Renzi. 

An offshoot of the filming in 2010 of “Amigo” in Toril, Maribojoc, Bohol, the Baryo Amigo Cultural Troupe (BACT) is a performing group comprising some 35 actors, extras and production workers from Bohol in the John Sayles movie.

It is part of an educational and cultural program of the Baryo Amigo Continuity Project (formerly Baryo Living Museum Project) under a project management team detailed in the Barangay Toril Resolution 07, Series of 2010.

The latest performance of the BACT at the opening of the National Art Month was under the auspices of the Bohol governor office’s Center for Culture and Art Development (CCAD). (Photos from johnsaylesbaryo blog).


Utilizing the local cast and costumes of the international film “Amigo” and part of the props left by the production, the BACT’s objectives are as follows:

·         To depict the way of life and historical experiences of Bohol’s forefathers in the 1900s, so that younger generations can learn from and appreciate their origin;
·         To hone the skills of villagers—their talents, arts and crafts—to augment their income; and
·         To serve as a pool of talents or performers for cultural events, special occasions or for movie productions on the island.


The BACT offers a variety of cultural packages, depending on the type of audiences who would like to avail of their services. They include the following:

·         A Fashion Show Tableau of 1900s Costumes – with historical scenes depicted in the film “Amigo.”  There is a narration on 1900s costumes, with choreographed action and two local traditional dances accompanied by a specially edited music mix.  (25 minutes).

·         Memories of Bohol Republic – a depiction of life lived in the 1900s, there will be more dances, with martial arts exhibitions, including dance lessons at the end of one of the dances (kuradang or curacha). It will also include a small rondalla (optional), and photo-ops with the costumed performers.
(40 minutes)

·         A Boholano Cultural Revue.  It includes a fashion show tableau, depiction of life lived by Boholanos in the 1900s, exhibitions of Filipino martial arts, dances, craft and cuisine demos (puso-making, puko and banig-making), a Boholano harana, and photo-ops with costumed performers, plus a rondalla. (55 minutes)

For more inquiries or for reservation, we can be reached through these numbers:  09391747775 and 09176426112. Our website: Our email address:

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